Chibi characters!!! •Studio Ghibli•

not Disney.though Disney did provide the English subs and American release for many of the Miyazaki films

Studio Ghibli characters, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, text; Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli illustrations by Tyler Stout for Mondo vinyls and t-shirts. (Spirited away, Princess Mononoke, & and Howls Moving Castle)

Houses of Ghibli

Hayao Miyazaki - Studio Ghibli works most desirable place Chinchillas home," My Neighbor Totoro Laputa" Castle in the Sky Ou Sina wife's bakery" Kiki Moving Castle" Howl moving Castle oil House" Spirited Away.

12438975_1171484469552366_8817290391727397558_n.jpg (540×804)

12438975_1171484469552366_8817290391727397558_n.jpg (540×804)

Awesome Redrawn cover art for Hayao Miyazaki's amazing movies.

Studio Ghibli and Miyasaki's greatest works, posters redone by various artists. The artist is retiring and the son is taking over. A new movie is coming out soon.

Studio Ghibli Designs - Created by Danny Haas

Studio Ghibli Designs - Created by Danny Haas I love this design so much! I just got a shirt of a bunch of Studio Ghibli symbols, in a style very much like this, and it is one of the best purchases I've made in recent times.