Deer tattoo outline

A recent exhibit used augmented reality and iPads to turn tattoos into works of art.

Reciente - Mi Taringa!

Just found my new tattoo, spirit and zodiac animals together. Wolf and Ram Tattoo

David Hale - Gorgeous artwork

Artwork by famous David Hale, tattoo artist at Love Hawk Tattoo Studio in Athens, GA, USA. He describe his tattoo style : neo folk.

Not a fan of the typeface but love the expression.

"Slow down, you crazy child" - lyrics from the song I've told my mother SHOULD be my theme song, "Vienna" by Billy Joel

#pedrowong #neotraditional #tattoo #tattoos # roses #mamiya #photography #camera #retro

#pedrowong #neotraditional #tattoo #tattoos # roses #mamiya #photography #camera #retro

Wolf Tattoos -

If I had the money I would fly to Atlanta tomorrow and get a Russ Abbott tattoo.

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An Amazing Tattoo Artist – Peter Aurisch - if I ever wanted to get a tattoo, I would want this guy to do it.

Amazing Nature Tattoos You Have To See (50 pics)

In classic art, negative space is a tint area of black color, but in tattoo art, it is the skin, left uncovered by ink. Negative space tattoos are designs playing with reverse images with skin as the …

Husky Tattoo

Husky Tattoo