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Tokyo ghoul - (SPOILER ALERT) still can't believe that he's a 3rd Grader and he can jump off a bike and into a large building through a window....

I had a dream i helped him with his stitches and it was the hottest thing ever. No shame Juuzou Suzuya

متعب أن تكون شخصاً طبيعياً لا إنه ممل  Tokyo Ghoul

Firet couple seconds- personal pose-- star boy starts playing-- creepy as shit zoom transition to mass blood bendeing scene.-- zuztara scene of fingers bending down.- lightning flashes of au selfs

Suzuya Juuzou

Read - 9 - from the story ¿Amor? ×juuzou y tú× by utsuni with reads.

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TG Uta - guro kind of? i was wondering what hairstyles blond uta would have…

"If you were to die, I would be sad" - Yukinori

Tokyo Ghoul - Juuzou Suzuya ugh I swear he is the most adorable little shit ever!

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