Even as they grew Joseph and alexandrine would still play games.
I...I...actually don't have any blonde female characters still living in my story.  What.  Just.  Happened?
イメージ2 - 赤ずきん(2011)の画像 - 心を湛(しずか)にゆるがせて - Yahoo!ブログ
She watched the gala from her high perch, watching the privileged and elite gorge on their wealth #amwriting
Russian Ark [Русский ковчег] (dir. Alexander Sokurov, 2002).


壁紙をダウンロードする シリーズ, ソフィ-ターナー, ゲームを描, イギリス人女優, スタークさんさ
Isabelle Adjani in the film 'Les Soeurs Brontë' (1979)
The princess stood quietly by her father's side, watching his new bride come up the aisle, hat adorned with feathers and small albino finches. She tried to keep her face stoic, but inside she was disgusted; far be it for her to dictate who her father should marry, but she couldn't help objecting to his decision.