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How is a #Cancer...

Words cannot describe how accurately I fit this cancer sign. As a Christian I'm still unsure about the truth behind these Zodiac stuff, so don't think I endorse it. All I know is that I agree.

I believe in horoscopes bc I believe this is me and I think I've proven that lately!

Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! Actually pretty true. The best revenge is to live your life and be happy, not to bring more negativity into the world.

Cancer Zodiac Facts: This is unfortunately true! like honestly i feel sometimes this stuff really is describing me

How Cancers view friends

Yea I treat most my friends like sisters uh and brothers coz well I have guy friends as well XD

THE WORLD OF ASTROLOGY: ya not sure if this would be considered a good quality. Lol but so true!

I give the silent treatment up until I can't stand the person any longer, then I lose it and start screaming :)

Cancer - WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope! - fun zodiac signs fact

Cancer Zodiac Sign becomes possessive of everything they think belongs to them.

Cancer Daily Fun Fact

Cancers are always one step ahead of you. We can immediately detect fakeness or superficiality.