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This is a page for all fans of Ji Chang Wook Disclaimer: I am not Ji Chang Wook or know Ji Chang Wook.

Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook gives Jung Woo Sung a run for his money because dressed in ADHOC’s new F/W collection, the Empress Ki star is just as debonair as his veteran counterpart ;

Wookie airport style ❤️ J Hearts

JiChangWook'sKitchen on

❤❤ 지 창 욱  Ji Chang Wook ♡♡ that handsome and sexy look ..

[Drama] Even more behind-scenes photos of Ji Chang Wook in “Suspicious Partner”

Ji Chang Wook | 지창욱 | D.O.B 5/7/1987 (Cancer)

Kim Je-ha is assassin's park gwan soo to complete his mission & ask choi yoo jin promise never chased anna still cut jichangwook