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The Reluctant Optimist

Hummingbird reflections in the water. much lower to the earth than usually photographed! by rhea

O Soldadinho-do-Araripe (Antilophia bokermanni) é uma ave passeriforme da família Pipridae. O nome bokermanni é uma homenagem ao zoólogo brasileiro Werner Bokermann. É uma espécie em perigo crítico de extinção.Foi descoberto em 1996 na Chapada do Araripe, Região Nordeste do Brasil. Hoje é somente encontrado nos municípios de Barbalha, Araripe, Crato e Missão Velha, todos no estado do Ceará, Brasil. Fotografia: Ciro Albano.

The Araripe Manakin, Antilophia Bokermanni, is a critically endangered bird from the family of Manakins (Pipridae).: It was discovered in 1996 and scientifically described in 1998 in Brazil.

Abubilla (Upupa epops)  - Se trata de una de las aves más populares de la España mediterránea, muy abundante en las dehesas de la mitad meridional. Su característico reclamo, su llamativo penacho de plumas y su vuelo errático y ondulante la hacen fácilmente reconocible. Pese a ser una especie migradora transahariana, parte de la población reside todo el año en las regiones peninsulares más cálidas, así como en Baleares y Canarias, territorios que también acogen individuos europeos…

Poupa Hoopoe - (Upupa epops) this one is in contention for place with the blue footed boobie!

Peacock Pride

Peacock Pride by Angelina Vick - Peacock Pride Photograph - Peacock Pride Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale



Oriole Feeder does triple duty! The first Oriole Feeder ever to accommodate nectar, one-half orange and four places for jelly. It has been known for years, that the color orange attracted Orioles.

“Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.” ― Irving Berlin [I think we need to get rid of our expectations of how things should be and observe how we weaken in negative situations. We can strengthen ourselves!]

yellow birds kissing mid flight Aka most likely a parent feeding a first-year bird

Life is filled with emotions, thoughts, moral dilemmas, and occurrences…

Polarization Exists In Life.

Researchers uncover ‘gene-coded enzyme’ responsible for red in birds

Azulitos de Senegal. El amor nunca se da por vencido, jamás pierde la fe, siempre tiene esperanzas y se mantiene firme en toda circunstancia. 1ª Corintios 13:7

Cordon blue finches (male has red cheeks). * * " MALE FINCH: " It's a wonderful life;" FEMALE FINCH: " Oh yeah, wunnaful. I haz to lay de eggs and feed screamin' beaks while you fly around to yer little birdie heart's content.