Eye of the Tiger - Yellow Fever - Supernatural, I saw this product on TV and have already lost 24 pounds! http://weightpage222.com

Eye of the Tiger - Yellow Fever - Supernatural. Oh yeah, my son and I do at least part of this every time we hear this song in the car.<--- That's awesome :)

Dad Dean is the best

This is too adorable for words. This is exactly how I imagine Dean parenting a child. I just want to squeeze Jensen for being so adorable.“If it put you down you're gonna be a man about it?

Supernatural Imagines

The looks of those teenagers. #Supernatural #YellowFever

The looks of those teenagers. wow Dean is literally me whenever I see a group of teenagers. IM A TEENAGER!

Jensen Ackles - Eye of the Tiger (Ojos de Tigre) SUPERNATURAL

Supernatural-Eye of the tiger ^^ OMG! I love him! The camera guys are laughing in the background. How doesn't love him doing Eye of the Tiger.