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Thai bugle call.
Yoshiko Kawashima was a Manchu princess brought up in Japan, who served as a spy in the service of the Japanese Kwantung Army and Manchukuo during the Second World War. She helps Emperor Puyi establish Manchukuo in Changchun. She becomes a commander of a Manchukuo Army unit and a Japanese spy, seeking revenge on revolutionaries. She was executed as a traitor by the Kuomintang after the Second Sino-Japanese War.
Thai Airforce.
General Officers of the Manchukuo Imperial Army.
Thai and Japanese soldiers.
Soldiers of Japan and Manchukuo in a parade showing their solidarity.
Thai Paramillitary Women's organisation.
Chinese collaborators' army royal to Wang Jing Wei's government and the Japapnese
Life in Manchukuo 满脸都是沧桑的中国老人
Life in Manchukuo 出殡