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I'm sorry but this made me laugh SO HARD OMG I'm literally dying inside

Just EXO things~

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My friends and I at school basically :) yepp were awesome :)

EXO Look Alikes | allkpop Meme Center

EXO Look Alikes

An inspiration for so many great memes.ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, EXO!

lol kai's face at the end. he's like "hahaha... you're not being serious, right Chanyeol?"

lol kai's face at the end xD he's like "hahaha. you're not being serious, right Chanyeol?" OMFG Chanyeol you are me

EXO // 엑소 // Park Chanyeol // 박찬열TheEve #TheWarEXO #EXOGrandComeback

Read bless exo en général from the story fake quotes. exo by hyungfrog (hips addict ☆) with reads.

That picture though!  Ah ah ah ah a Haaa a!!!!  This fandom makes my life ;) #exo #overdose

~EXO: Kai~ Too much, neoya. Your love, igeon Overdose.

"Lay the sensitive barista"has me dead XD

I have nothing to say behalve Sehun the politician . TOO FUNNY XD hahahaha and Baekhyun ."no comment" this Bacon XD According to Mnet America