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catasters: “ “I work out every morning and run five miles every week. I also lie a lot…” ”


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...ask your Kitty.

The only thing you need to know about cats is that everything belongs to them. Your helmet? No, that's a custom made cat lounge.

Alas, the life of a cat is a permanent coffee break.

This cat so cool, he didn't restaurant coffee that sez something. Get me some grumpy cat coffee! I'm tired party catnip to hard last night.

ゆりも ‏@akahina1108 2月10日 この前、UFOキャッチャーのぬいぐるみがあまりにもうちの猫にそっくりだったので頑張って取ってきた!目付き悪いいいい

Slight variations - take away the white on his face, add it to his paws, maybe add a point on the chest marking (making it a bird flying up), and this could be my cat.



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Tikkels jij bent!

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