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“why do i get the feeling that jaebum wants to try to do this but was not brave enough to go all the way xD ”

They speak as if they're singing a Korean song.. Korean with little bits of English

I can already imagine Mark dying of laughter while his fellow members are speaking in english to each other

รูปภาพ gif, yugyeom, and homao da porra

I just watched a compilation of yugyeom eating

#Practice 038 - friendship jaebum romance mark got7 marktuan got7jb - Asianfanfics

me when I see food, my crush, or when I'm at school and surrounded by annoying people

♡Couples GOT7♡ - Markyeom♥ - Wattpad

♡Couples GOT7♡ - Markyeom♥

Yugyeom & Mark ♥♥♥ gawd, this gif just drips sex. Yugyeom's got the most erotic vibe of any guy on here, and Mark. [there's expanded version of this on my sexy gifs, Mark and Yugyeom boards.

Yugyeom Giant Maknae

Daniel Park Everyday/Grim Reaper (Imagine his hair like Jungkook's in Dope Era [Styled that way])