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From top to bottom: Joohyun Wonho Keyhyun Minhyuk I.

Monsta X | I.M | Jooheon | Shownu | Hyungwon ..♡

The look so cute, Its like a family photo where the parents forced their kids to pose.

Kihyun Monsta X Japanese Comeback

daily-monsta-x: “Monsta X’s photo teasers for their Japanese debut ”


Minhyuk & Kihyun /// this is when they sang PPAP-song!

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credit: to it's rightful owner, please see logo on pic (if have) HILARIOUS XD Chen LOL

Wonho Monsta X

Welcome to FY! MONSTA X, your source website for all things Monsta X! Here you will find updates,.

❤️✨ - Jyotika Minz - Google+

❤️✨ - Jyotika Minz - Google+

cuties ♡ kihyun ♡ minhyuk ♡ monsta x

cuties ♡ kihyun ♡ minhyuk ♡ monsta x

Bangtan profiles from 2013 & 2017. #BTSFESTA2017 #BTS  Cr. Sugashu on tumblr  Collect by me.

Bts always were handsome still gonna be handsome. (Though the evolution did bring in some good change)

Resultado de imagen para imagenes de monsta x shownu

Resultado de imagen para imagenes de monsta x shownu


I don't care if you call them a hip hop group or a pop group, they are still awesome and my favorite.<<<<<<<<<< you know, honestly, sometimes I see these pictures and my heart stops for a moment, and I get tears in my eyes.