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Tags: Anime, Rain, ONE PIECE, Monkey D. Luffy, Rain Coat, Hood, Trafalgar Law

Monkey D. Luffy finds Trafalgar D. Water Law cat in the rain One piece

Portgas D. Ace and Marco #one piece #whitebeard:

Portgas D. Ace and Marco piece

Монки Д. Луффи, Крокодайл, Эмпорио Иванков, Багги, ньюкамы, заключенные Импел Даун.

Straw hat luffy making everyone he meets enemy or not his friend including the sand croc

Monkey  D. Luffy  &  Monkey  D. Dragon. One piece OP

Dragon checking on Luffy I really want to know why Dragon left Luffy and gave him to gramps

If you see it carefully Levi's Cloak got bloodier

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) - Levi and Eren. It's kinda sad- if you watch Levi's cloak, it slowly gets bloodier. Me: well very sad at least all episode it turns happy to sadness part, i mean the tokyo goul its makes me THIS IS MADESSS!



One Piece, Sanji // *grumbles in French about how annoyingly attractive he is*<< same (except I cant speak french)