....until we met again

I miss you Mom more and more each day to hear your voice again. If only you could of seen your great granddaughter Aubrey you'd be so proud she's truly an angel from you and her sisters. I love you and miss you Mom Love Kristie

RIP my sweet momma 6/10/12.  I love you and miss you so much.

As another month approaches it's still so unbelievable that you left before dad and I You are loved beyond measure and missed with every breath sweetie! Always Momma and Daddy XoxoxoX

Lance Ray

One year anniversary of losing you coming soon and it seems just like yesterday since we lost the light of our lives. We miss you more than words can express. I love you Brother

Like It Happened Yesterday ~ Flightless Bird Thoughtful Wings

I've been on here already at the multiple deaths site. My mother,father,best friend of and my husband died within 18 months.

To my mom,,,, and my wife,,,,, I'm lost without you both ,,,,,. I'm soo tired of hurting and being lonely.

Jennifer Renee, We lost you 8 Months ago today. You went faster than any one would have thought. The Shock remains in my mind and in my heart. I didn't get to say Goodbye, and my heart continues to break a little more each day. i Love you.

I miss you Mamma!!!

Sometimes you just don't get that second chance. My heart breaks that I never got that last chance to tell my mom she means so much and I love get so. I love you mom. I am grateful Jesus is with you now, but my heart hurts not having you here in my life.

My Mom would not want me to cry and I can hear her say that bc the night she went to Heaven I had a dream and she told me she was fine and asked why I was crying.  I miss you Mommy so much and all the memories of this year and the start of your decline come flooding back and how much you suffered and the historic nightmare in the ICU!!!

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