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Just a random photo from a stranger…

Funny pictures about Just a random photo from a stranger. Oh, and cool pics about Just a random photo from a stranger. Also, Just a random photo from a stranger.

Advertising Design, Fatale, Tokyo

I'm mad Ecuador isn't in this picture but it still gets the point across lol 'Murica

You Will Laugh Hard At The Miss Universe Costume Category - Miss USA = Transformer.

This totally confuses me. It looks like underground revolutionary journalism meets gay porn meets suburbia...scratching my head...

I'm loving this cover image on Manzine. Honestly, does it get any hotter than a tough guy in stripes, rocking a baby bjorn? Thanks, Leigh at Marvelous Kiddo for posting this!

Messy food + casual clothes such as hoodies = awesome date night!!!! (In theory, I've never actually had a "date")

Ashton and Mila Follow Up a Royal Date With Dessert Crepes

Movie - Fast & Furious - Furious 7 - Dwayne Johnson - The Rock - Vin Diesel - Paul Walker - Jason Statham - Michelle Rodriguez - Ronda Rousey - Kurt Russell