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An Amazing Zoo of Steampunk Animals from Vladimir Gvozdev This collection of beautifully crafted steampunk animal illustrations are th.


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Gvozdariki. Everytime u look at it, u see something else.

Belíssimas ilustrações Steampunk de Gvozdariki

A few days ago I published a post about steampunk illustration tutorials. To further investigate this universe, I suggest you to discover more illustrations and artworks by talented artists. 1. Ste…

20 fantastic examples of steampunk art

More Animal Steam Mechanisms By the artist who calls himself Gvozd (an iron nail) from Russia. His actual name is Vladimir Gvozdev.

Beetle | scrap metal sculpture assembled without solder by Edouard Martinet

French artist Edouard Martinet scours flea markets for everyday objects that he uses to create animal and insect sculptures.

Illustration by Vladimir Gvozdev

artwork portfolios, one of the most original and inspiring ones comes from Russia, by the artist who calls himself Gvozd (an iron nail). His actual name is Vladimir Gvozdev, and he has a very distinct, slightly whimsical style.