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Kenma the cat || Lev you idiot, lol kuroo never gonna let Lev forget this xD:

Haikyuu comic - Lev, you should have known that it will end like that.

Proud parents yelling at uncle I see

One of the many reasons I love these idiots asahi x nishinoya << when your parents judge you for the way you look and compare it to your sibling XD << Haha

Something like this always happens when one of my friends start singing Bohemian Rhapsody. <<< I LIVE THIS SONG

Bokuto, Oikawa and Kuroo making the mistake of messin' with Daichi. - Haikyuu!! SnapChats

Bokuto, Oikawa and Kuroo making the mistake to mess with Daichi, but totally fail because they had it coming.