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Miniature Ginger Bread houses

Nawka, I was thinking we could make Graham Cracker houses instead. Gingerbread houses are big, and we'd have to decide who gets to take it home. With a graham cracker house, we could just make two.

This such a colorful cottage with a roof made from colorful gumdrops. Candy cane sticks used here fro the porch posts and the gumdrops brought down from the roof to the front door porch makes this ...

Colorful Candy Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Christmas Cottage Recipe -Have a magical afternoon with your family creating this sweet little cottage. It is a fun kid-made surprise to bring to Grandma's house, too!

Simple except for the shutters.

Snowcapped Gingerbread Cabin Build a child's dream house. Set the stone cottage and snow-topped cabin on a mantel or side table where they can be enjoyed without jostling, and surround them with mounds of shimmering sugar snow.

edible snow globe

Edible Snow Globe: Gingerbread house sits in a ramekin atop a dessert (pudding) that is covered with whipped cream or coconut for snow effect. The glass is an upside-down bubble-shaped glass. {neat idea - can interchange everything}

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Caramel syrup for gluing gingerbread houses. This recipe is used to make our Swedish Gingerbread House, Gingerbread Facade, and Snow-Swept Gingerbread Cottage.

Gingerbread House

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Love this sugar cube house!

Sugar Cube House---This will keep the kids going for days! Just put microfiber cloths on their little feets add a sugar cube house and voila! You wont have to sweep for a month!

Gingerbread House Ideas...fun ideas for traditional, healthy, and play gingerbread houses

Make a Gingerbread House

fun ideas for traditional, healthy, and play gingerbread houses! Cute Gingerbread ideas for children and grand children!