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Scary but true.

Scary but true. So it belongs in the humorous section for sounding like a joke :)

Lmao omg that is sooooooo true

I think that goes for really anything, not just parenthood.name called over the radio at work; parents call your name from distant room; friend asks the same question for the millionth time, all "for fuck's sake" moments

LOL Very accurate!

Post with 11132 views. My friend (a dad) posted this to fb today. I think I'll stick to cats and dogs.

I'm totally remembering this one next time I shower to make me feel better about it

I'm totally remembering this one next time I shower to male me feel better about it

cool hah so true and its worth it all!!!... by http://dezdemon-humoraddiction.space/parenting-humor/hah-so-true-and-its-worth-it-all/

hah so true and its worth it all

hah so true and its worth it all! Or when you take a shower.

So true!

Here's to another day of life in the world of parenting! It gets hectic but don't forget to treat your self and catch your breath. Life as we know it only exist in the now so what are you doing this weekend to relax?


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Exactly!!!! Big DIFFERENCE!

There's a big difference between letting kids be kids, and letting kids be little assholes. ((Isn't that the truth! It amazes me how some parents let their children behave.

Three year olds.terrible twos have nothing on the treacherous threes! Or a 4 year old


No matter what life throws at me, at least I don't have ugly children, or grandchildren! I have a beautiful family - I am blessed!