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“Spending so much time alone had turned Chloe's imagination into a deep dark forest. It was a magical place to escape to, and so much more thrilling than real life.” ― David Walliams, Mr Stink

“The sun is nice but it lights things up so much that you can't see very far. The night time is better. It stretches your soul to the stars.” (Fynn, Mister God, This Is Anna)

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When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace

There are risks worth taking. There is love worth keeping. There are kisses and hugs that need to be had. Then laugh until your belly hurts. Live it - feel it. Life is good.

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Closing Time by Semisonic. One of my favorite songs played in my favorite movie, Friends with Benefits!

If Sociopath's focused their energy into positive constructive pastimes they could be very successful. However, the majority of the time, due to poor impulse control, lack of long term planning and...

Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful



You stupid boy. You can't fence that in, you stupid boy. It's like holding back the wind.

"Steady as a preacher Free as a weed Couldn't wait to get goin' But wasn't quite ready to leave So innocent, pure and sweet American honey" -- wrong this is not that song this is actually Keith Urban Stupid Boy.

Know your worth <3

Every girl should read this. Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. I could've settled too but I didn't.

Don't let anyone bring you down. :)

Someone I once loved beyond measure told me when a great sadness was heavy on my heart, "you make your own sunshine." She was absolutely right and though she no longer is the keeper of my heart, I remember her words and let the sun shine through me!

Who' against you

This is really true. I've always read "it's you against yourself" quotes, but never really understood it until I watched the Olympics and the "fight" atlets fought with their bodies and limits.