The Avengers (MCU) - Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff - Clintasha

Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff || #fanart PLEASE do the thing with me!! @aclark2003  I'll go first. Look in comments. (We will double it)

Clint teaching Natasha how to shoot with a bow and Natasha is playing along not ruining his moment of pride because she already knows how to but is doing this for him

Natasha and Clint by on @DeviantArt

I just love them ^^ Black Widow and Hawkeye belongs to Marvel. Natasha and Clint

Hawkeye vs Black Widow This is not ok D: They are practically brother and sister.

Coulson and Hawkeye by ~OrangePopFox on deviantART || Phil Coulson, Clint Barton || 720px × 2,007px || #fanart

The SHIELD TV show should totally have a Coulson and Clint-Barton-in-the-ceiling cameo. (also, OMG Coulson has a Captain America coffee mug XD)

Clint x Natasha

Natasha romanoff ➕ clint barton ❤ avengers yep I shipment deal with it