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Marlene Dietrich, 20ies hairstyle

Marlene Dietrich’s “verging from the norm” affair with fellow screen siren Kay Francis


Marlene Dietrich, who popularized trousers for women and began the androgynous style well known today. Using essentially menswear such as tuxedo, top hat, bow ties and dress shoes, the actress still embodied femininity.

Hitchcock quería una diva real para representar el papel de diva en la ficción en su película Pánico en la escena (1950) y quién mejor que Marlene Dietrich para llenar la escena con su glamour y sofisticación. En la imagen, con un trench y pendientes de perlas.

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Post German time, but such a great photo. In the Trenches: Celebrity Trench Coats Through the Years - Marlene Dietrich, 1948

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Quite possibly the most important style icon in Hollywood at the time. She crossed boundaries of feminine and masculine style before Katherine Hepburn made pants the de rigor of women's fashion

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich - if not for photographers, cinematographers and the recording industry the world would not have the opportunity to fall in love again with women like Ms. Dietrich - she is an eternally inspiring legend

Marlene Dietrich in "Shanghai Express" (Josef Von Stenberg, 1932)

Marlene Dietrich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A still from Shanghai Express Josef von Sternberg used butterfly lighting to enhance Dietrich's features. This photograph was cited by Mick Rock as the inspiration for the iconic Queen II album cover