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BenBen the sad faced cat

Couple Takes a Chance on Sad Shelter Cat Ben Ben Who Couldn't Find Home, an Hour After Adoption. ~~~~ Excuse me while I cry.

Ladybug love~

2 lady birds (lady bugs) meet up.or it could be one ladybird and one man bird(or bug!whatever, they're meeting each other and it's a beautiful experience and a beautiful photo:))

Firemen who help animals too are my heroes

her expression in that last picture - amazing. Faith in humanity restored

俺が少しずつ集めてきた動物の可愛い画像を放出したい : ハムスター速報

俺が少しずつ集めてきた動物の可愛い画像を放出したい : ハムスター速報

The Things We Do For Love

In Turkey & Morraco they will put nailed flooring and shards if sharp glass in the roofing to keep people off f them [crawling into houses] he's walking across nailed roofing

here comes the rain....

“here comes the rain” thought the Cat. It was just about to run towards the closest shelter when the rain stopped. The little cat turned and saw a small (for its species) mundane smiling

In case of hard day, apply floor to the face…I really know how this much tired feels! I love this

In case of hard day, apply floor to the face…

I love when kitties sleep on their faces!- My cat does this all the time and it's adorable!

Amazing Friendship between Matteo Walch, a boy from Austria and a Marmot. Matteo Walch has struck up an unlikely friendship with a group of marmots in the Austrian Alps

トンちゃんの発声 | ねこナビ

トンちゃんの発声 | ねこナビ

Amazon.co.jp: うちの猫がまた変なことしてる。: 卵山 玉子: 本

Amazon.co.jp: うちの猫がまた変なことしてる。: 卵山 玉子: 本

Stumpystar Tom Mate: Spottedtail Kits: Goldenheart Leader oof LightningClan Apprentince: Shiningpaw

I'm not really a cat person...but this cat though.

Autumn kitty cat with a raccoon tail come to me thank you! lol so cute

In case the tank is unbalanced it is going to eventually crack. If you prefer, you can purchase smaller fish tanks and place some dividers between. You may also put in a cute fish tank!