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Christmas Headcanon 16 this is my absolute FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!

Christmas Headcanon 16 Percy had named star after her, and it was called Wise Girl. Yay Percy and and Annabeth


Poor Rachel Shun the non percabeth shipper!>>>Rachel is crazy for not shipping Percabeth! I don't care if the other ship was her and Percy(my brother)

We can both tell you to shut up.

Sorry for all the Percy Jackson stuff you guys. I'm just kinda obsessed right now. I had to set the book down so I could have a little "OH YEAH PERCY" moment

Why percabeth is the best.

hahah everyone is like I love mah boy and annie is like duh I dont need to show my love off hahahhaha


Nononono 24 is too late for Percabeth it should be like 20 I mean Percababies come sooner

I don't think he would freak that much, I mean we all know that it would never happen. Crushes are OK.

Run, Nico! Like hell wait I thought nico was gay it said in the house of hades <---- He's still in denial.

Percy Jackson

Heroes of Olympus. Funny how when ever things like this happen annabeth and percy always joke around with each other! It so cute ☺️ annabeth is cooler than Percy, seaweed brain, and kelp face!

percy jackson headcanons

Andd this is where Leo pops in with a smart comment about just HOW many times Percy has won the 'Best Boyfriend Ever' award.<<<I helped with making the best boyfriend award.