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"You'll pay the price I tell ya! Where's the stash you yellow belly underhanded schemer."  "I swears, I don't know nothing. On my life I swear it!"

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No se les ve muy cómodos...

Some may think it mean to laugh, but i just split my sides laughing when cats get themselves in these predicaments.


15 Gatos assustados por saírem de casa pela primeira vez

This cat who is trying his best to get human's attention.-My cat does this-climbs up the screen on the porch.

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car sez: Seriously, you've been feeding me these things for years? I am turning vegan!

hydration is very important when exercising.

Oh My Lord I Am So Hot, I Can't Take It Anymore! Someone Please Come Turn On This Stupid Tap!


Love me human The second he puts his phone down to pet the cat the cats gunna swat at him and run off. That cat is in heat, he better be careful if he drops his Gameboy in front of it.

I Are SNEAKY! #cats

Gatos robando comida Let's face it, you guys are beyond busted.

Cats and candy (petslady)

Pick: Funny Sleeping Cats Of The Day

Check out our latest selection of the best, funniest and most shared cat GIFs that are currently doing the rounds and see if you can keep a straight face!

Best Cat Gifs of the Week #4

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Yep, it tends to get a little cold up here in winter.

Hilarious Truth About Cats That Every Feline Fan Will Relate To