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But although she was only a child, she was equally photogenic and well aware of her beauty

Meet desert cultures like the Himba people in the Namibian desert with their red paste on their bodies and the Berbers of Sahara with their stunning architecture.


africa / portrait of a himba woman with traditional himba hairstyle, puros conservancy, damaraland, namibia / ©frans lanting.

Himba vrouw

EXILE looks - adding glitter or gold-leaf to highlight matted tresses (Tribal people - Himba, of Namibia)

Respecting Culture: #Himba - An ethnic group living in northern Namibia, in the Kunene region, Africa.

Respecting Culture: Himba - An ethnic group living in northern Namibia, in the Kunene region, Africa.

Himba Girl.

Himba Girl The Himba are an ethnic group that lives north of Namibia and south of Angola. Photograph by Enric Santianyez Tio

Découvrez 10 merveilleux portraits d'enfants en Namibie d'Éric Lafforgue

Mucawana tribe girl , Namibia Mucawana tribe girl living near the border of Angola, in Namibia. The civil war in Angola pushed some tribes into Namibia, where they just have to cross Cunene river. They have kept their traditions.

Africa | For centuries the Ngandjera and Kwaluudhi have occupied the western regions of the area formerly known as Ovamboland. In the past the coiffures worn by their girls and women were of such stunning beauty that they were known far beyond their tribal areas. ca. 1940s | Photo: A. Schertz, Collection Antje Otto

Ngandjera – the oshikoma and iipando Headdress

(from the book Hair in African Art and Culture edited by Roy Sieber and Frank Herreman)

Happiness - muhimba girl in Angola

The people of Angola (Angolan groups Collectively Diaspora) - Anthrocivitas