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Gorgeous Norfolk Terrier on beach-I think he's smiling

The Norfolk Terrier originates from England and was bred originally for hunting foxes, rats and mice.

Norfolk Terrier. They are members of the terrier group. They are great vermin hunter. They stand at 9-10 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 11-12 pounds.

Norfolk Terrier Dog Breed Information

The Norfolk Terrier breed has many lovable features. Check out all the Norfolk Terrier facts you need to know and where to find your new furry friend.The hardy, compact Norfolk Terrier is one of the smallest breeds of working terrier.

Norfolk terrier

This is a Norfolk terrier. This is the type of dog I have. He the cutest little guy and the most fun to hang out with. I love him with all my heart and his name is Lucky.


Australian Terrier Dog, from what I've read these lil cutties would be a great match for me and my girls.

Norfolk Terrier puppy, what a character

The Norwich Terrier is a breed of dog bred to hunt small mammals considered to be vermin. These terriers are among the s.