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39,000 [Light] Straws | Andrea Familiari, Francesca Pasquali, Carlotta Piccinini (2014)

ENG a project by Andrea Familari, Francesca Pasquali e Carlotta Piccinini. The installation 39000 Light Straws, through an intervention of interactive video…

Art with coins.<<<<These are some priceless creations

Now That’s Art – 28 Pics <<almost like it represents that art is worth more than money

Tracing paper and wheat paste… delicate, organic, beautiful, light-filled tracing paper and wheat paste. That’s it. Seriously. Sigh. I love this sculptural work by San Francisco based artist Mary Button Durell… and don’t even get me started on her workspace!* I want my studio filled with lovely cells and cones made solely from tracing paper and wheat paste!!!

Sculptural work by San Francisco based artist Mary Button Durel: Tracing paper and wheat paste. Delicate, organic, beautiful, light-filled tracing paper and wheat paste.

Gravity-Defying Land Art by Cornelia Konrads

Gravity-Defying Land Art by Cornelia Konrads German artist Cornelia Konrads creates mind-bending site-specific installations in public spaces, sculpture parks and private gardens around the world.

the kids like making these. they take several days: glueing then painting then adding paint details.

The Chocolate Muffin Tree: Recycled Paper Tube Sculpture! This is just an idea to possibly introduce a project in which the students create something using recycled goods.

Sticky note sculpture

Sticky note sculpture - post-it notes this would be so fun to do as a group project at the beginning of the year- yes? could do it with straws too.put secret notes inside

CATEN . David Letellier on Vimeo

by David Letellier, CATEN, 2012 – Created for the Saint Sauveur chapel in Caen

Light installation

Light installation

O projeto propõe um mergulho nas lendas do folclore brasileiro utilizando elementos tecnológicos multimídia. Combinando grafite digital, poesia, personagens animados, luzes e música, os artistas Ygor Marotta e Cecilia Soloaga proporcionam aos visitantes uma performance sensorial. A ideia da instalação é dar a crianças e adultos a oportunidade de explorar imagens e sons da natureza, familiarizar-se com lendas do folclore brasileiro e ter contato com novas linguagens de mídia. As antigas…

VJ Suave has two audiovisual tricycles adapted with a projector, computer, speakers and batteries. They’re used so that the small narratives with characters…

Light cube

Light cube

"3D straw art sculpture" by Francesca Pasquali.

Italian artist Francesca Pasquali cuts plastic straws at varying lengths and arranges them in patterns to create her sculptures.

Art Basel favorite find: made of all straws!

Art Basel 2013 - Best Paintings And Beauty Pairings