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Smiling Cat Wearing Glasses - now I can see you better



White Eyebrow Cat with Glasses: This cat really looks like he could be part person. Either somebody painted eyebrows on this poor guy or he has very unique mark

Cats wearing glasses - cats Photo

Nobody, absolutely nobody, is immune to the power of cats. Our feline overlords hold such authority, they don’t just make nerd glasses ironic, they make th

- Cute Cats Wearing Glasses  <3 <3

Cute Cats Wearing Glasses

It is great to see cute and funny cat pictures. A simple cat makeup way is to have the cat to wear a pair of glasses.


Animals with Glasses I know this is different from what I post! Usually babes with/as/in glasses,drivers,beaches,bikes etc. These are cute animals with spectacles/goggles ehehehe ;

Pretty green eyes

Cats And Their Tough Workload Ahead Of Them

Cats with green eyes must be rarer than those with blue, brown or yellow eyes. I never see green-eyed kitties! This kitten has the most beautiful emerald eye color I've ever seen. I could get lost in those eyes.

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