BTS "SICK" Concept Photo -- 6th member on the concept -- V

방탄소년단 Mini Album '쩔어' Concept Photo// loved how bithit had like some sort of Easter eggs hidin in some of the props

Who do you prefer?

A pause button may be your best friend or your worst enemy😂

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Taehyung & a baby fox awww first pic together lol << isn't that Nick from zootropolis?

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TAEHYUNG ~♡ quando não entendes as piadas na 1 são entendes passado 30 minutos kkk

TAEHYUNG ~♡ I can look at him for my whole life but never stop smiling


ALGO MÁS QUE AMIGOS (jungkook y tú) - Cap. 18

Taehyung: "Uh. . ." Person: "Smile !" Tae: "" Me: "Oh god.. He's so f*cking cute. ♥️" #BTS


This is my favorite gif of Taehyung ever. He's just so adorably zoned out at first and then he just smiles the cutest smile ever. BTS- V