covered greenhouse. Also to help protect against pesky dogs!

Garden Veggie Frittata - Dairy-free, Grain-free and Easy!

Giving your garden beds the extra layers they need with lasagna gardening. Your raised beds will thank you with flourishing plants. ll @uglyducklingdiy

Lasagna Gardening: How to Layer a Raised Garden Bed

By putting in various layers of things like cardboard, mulch, yard clippings, and soil, the "lasagna gardening" method provides weed-free garden beds.

How to Build and Install Raised Garden Beds

How to Build and Install a Raised Garden Bed

Do raised garden boxes look impossible (except on Pinterest)? Here's how you can build them yourself!

How to Build Raised Garden Boxes

How to Build Raised Garden Boxes - After we decided on the best material , we decided we needed to figure out how to build our raised garden boxes. Some of the reasons why we decided to

We can do this to water our planter boxes until we can put in a drip system.

Build self watering planters

Sub-irrigated garden boxes. a great system that addresses common problems with raised beds (watch the video!

We wanted a garden, but the soil in Tucson isn't easy to deal with! We decided on these DIY Raised Garden Beds with Corrugated Metal because we loved the look and how sturdy these garden beds are!

Our tutorial for DIY raised garden beds with corrugated metal. While not the most economical garden boxes, they're a beautiful addition to our yard!

Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Tutorial

Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Tutorial (33 Shades of Green)

A completed raised bed (upside down) The stakes will hold it in place in the garden | PreparednessMama

Build Raised Beds from Cedar Fencing

DIY Raised Garden Bed Projects.  Tips, Designs and Tutorials for DIY Raised Garden Projects

DIY Raised Garden Bed Projects

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15 Easy-to-Build Raised Garden Beds