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I want to add this to my Ferret paw prints tattoo.

If I was to get a tattoo . it would be ferret, cat, and dog paw prints to represent all my pets (the ones I share my life with, and my angels). I would add this to my to the ferret paw prints tattoo.

my second tattoo flash sheet…Wes Anderson themed tattoo flashes it was much fun drawing these

Love the randomness xsadiskrax:my second tattoo flash sheet…Wes Anderson themed tattoo flashes it was much fun drawing these

Scott Move flash

Tattoo / New flash. Email me for appointments or phone Haunted Tattoo on Really wanna tattoo ol

I like this ** Japanese calligraphy (shodo)

“The clouds above us join and separate, The breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns. Life is like that, so why not relax? Who can stop us from celebrating?

The D'oh Show - SIMPSONS TATTOO SPECIAL!  In honor of the D'oh Show, a Simpsons themed art show at Tarte Vintage in Santa Ana, I'll be offering these or any SIMPSONS tattoos at half price until the opening event on February 1. Show up to the show rocking your new Simpsons ink!  Join the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1431064880456820/?ref=br_tf

Will Koffman - Custom Tattoo Artist - Laguna Inkspot and Gallery Laguna Beach, CA