Dress n Clothes Designs: P4 - Dhonia+Various Women by MaddalinaMocanu on DeviantArt

Dress n Clothes Designs: - Dhonia+Various Women by *MaddalinaMocanu on deviantART Quivira Costume, Character Clothing, Maddalinamocanu Deviantart Com,

Organised Chaos Part 3 by ~rednotion on deviantART

Hahha, sorry for the long wait, but I've been really busy (KPOP ing haha) and a bit lazy. Guns N Roses Complete C.

Various female clothes 3 by meago.deviantart.com on @deviantART

oooh i wanna draw sth decent finally meanwhile, i'm spamming you by more female clothes XD i have more, but i'm too lazy for scanning them. Various female clothes 3

Inspired by Cakes - Modern(ish) Clothes Designs by MaddalinaMocanu.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Inspired by Cakes - Modern(ish) Clothes Designs by MaddalinaMocanu on DeviantArt

Chocolate edition~ because i really miss chocolate, esspecially these from box of chocolates D: i haven't eat any chocolate for about two weeks already ;___; I'm trying to wean myself fro...

Various female clothes 6 by meago on deviantART nice but. why all this clothes have food names?

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