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Dressing for the apple body shape can sometimes be a challenge. Here are our tips on how to dress the apple body shape and look fabulous!

Apple body type dress - if I could look one tenth as good as Liz Hurley I'd be happy

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Dress an Apple Shape Body

How to dress the Apple or Circle Body Shape

How to dress the Apple or Circle Body Shape

How To Wear Belts For an inverted triangle body shape a wide hip belt is the perfect accessory to compliment your figure. Women with this body type should avoid excessive detailing and should choose light colors light colors for their bottom half and and dark colors for their top half. - Discover how to make the belt the ideal complement to enhance your figure.

To balance an apple-shaped figure we need to balance the mid section of the body. A medium sized belt worn below slightly below the waist . Avoid wearing a belt under your bust (empire style) and choose leather, quilted or studded belts.

Be careful with peplum: make sure that seam is at slimmest part of torso and peplum skirt long enough to cover apple stomach.

The Apple shape has typically more rounded upper half, with extra weight around the waist. Legs and hands are relatively slimmer.

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Choosing the best top for your body shape can make a huge difference in the way you look. Today’s let’s find out what is the best top for your body type