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Crop circles are cool. Course, it messes with crop yields. "Aliens" do some interesting art.

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So ein Käse - Facebook Fail des Tages 20.06.2016

Entdecke die Unmöglichkeiten - Facebook Fail des Tages 31.08.2016

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and sadly us people are causing the 6th mass extinction

History is riddled with massive die-offs. At times, of Earth& species disappeared. Here& a look at the worst extinction events and what caused them.

Crop Circles Selection 2002.  Internet.

Regardless of who are making these crop circles, it seems like they want to remind us about Sacred Geometry and its Meaning.


Crop circles: Masonic/satanic/Luciferian/Illuminati pyramid with all-seeing eye? Thus, is this crop circle a warning?

1999 London - "Mr. Unknown sped back into the house and grabbed his video camera. He was hoping to film the UFO before it disappeared, but instead he filmed what he claimed to be a type of small, ghost-like beings who seemed to be rummaging around behind his fence. The total length of the film was about four (4) minutes. The strange beings made a sound which was barely audible, and somewhat muffled. The sounds of the small beings had attracted him to the area. Mr Unknown was frank in…

Unknown was awakened by a sound in the middle of the night. He went outside and filmed what he claimed to be a type of small ghost-like being.