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Park Jimin: Didn't think it was good for idols to be murderers

Jiminieeeeeee why you do this. I gotta stay loyal to V *^*


[Picture/Fansitesnap] BTS at 2017 K-Pop World Festival in Changwon


[STARCAST] 03/08/16 – ¡Disfrutemos del verano! ¡BTS en Dubái!

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Chim: Ah huyng, em đang cố gắng tập luyện để câu dẫn y/n mà

Anya 16 ans est une lycéenne comme les autres.  Elle va faire la renc… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

~ The Bad Boy ~ Park Jimin

here I am trying to live a sin-free life and then you go and do that. It's always the ones you trust who hurt you.why must you inflict such pain on me! On another note what good deed must I have committed to be blessed in such a way!

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Oh sweet lord Jesus, why Jimin, just why do you treat me like this. You are just too beautiful for words (like this outfit and hair is just everything man)*mini heart attack*

Me hearing people saying bad things about my bias and I'm like >> ha? What did u just say bich ?