Ultimate Gift Guide: 75+ Gifts for Sewers

Ultimate Gift Guide: 100+ Gifts for Sewers

I got one of these, spray painted it, and mounted it to the wall. Works well for jewelry storage too.

I got one of these in a charity shop for Such a bargain, I'm planning to paint it but not sure what colour yet.

DIY Thread Rack ... Holds 240 spools of thread.  Made with 30" x 40" wooden frame, 3/8" plywood, and wooden dowels

How to Make a Simple and Stylish Thread Rack

糸立て ロックミシンとミシン糸 ホルダー壁掛け置き型兼用

糸立て ロックミシンとミシン糸 ホルダー壁掛け置き型兼用

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