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Cinderella - and her Godmother. My girlie girls I've worked magic for on their wedding gowns have called me the fairey godmother.too cute!

☼ Disney, Harrods...can't wait for mummy and daughter shopping trip and princess show Sunday xXx

Harrods' Designer Disney Princess Dresses Unveiled

Mickey & Gang

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy - Friends Forever ~ Fine-Art Print - Mickey Mouse Art Prints and Posters - Disney Pictures

シンデレラの壁紙に使える画像まとめ☆【ディズニー】 - NAVER まとめ

シンデレラの壁紙に使える画像まとめ☆【ディズニー】 - NAVER まとめ

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I was gonna draw something like this, I just didn't know how to draw it. (by that I mean what picutres and what should the scene be like)<<<this is so sad!

「いつの日にか王子様が……」という時代は終わりました。これからは、ディズニー・プリンセスだって自分の努力で人生を切り開いていかなければ。王子様が現れなくたってた …

Set of original photo manipulations and digital artworks by Nikita Gill.

The many ages of Disney. However, I do think that for the "Revival" it should be 2009-Present, because it's still going.

Who the fuck would put a dark age on disney? And how could they put such good movies into this alleged dark age?