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Watch out now! #coffee #irishcream

The morning coffee ritual is played out in households across the globe.

A Coffee Lover does not just wake up and one day choose to drink coffee. Coffee Lovers are enticed by the smell of coffee brewing; the rest is history. God help us it's Monday again Coffee Lovers. ~Me  #coffee #coffeelovers

I didn't choose the mug life. The mug life chose me. So true, coffee is my life ☕️✌️

Death Wish Coffee Company - Google+

Do you need coffee? Are you batman? (Combines two of my favourite things, coffee & geeky )

channeling my inner poet

Your Coffee Guru is dedicated to all things coffee and coffee related. Here you'll find pictures of fresh brews, fancy mugs and.

I usually wake up pretty confused in the morning. But after coffee, I feel alert, & i find that i'm much more aware of how confused i am.