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margiela boro jacket

Born out of necessity and coincidence – Boro is creating new uses for discarded textiles by layering pieces of cloth, attaching them together with sashiko stitching and patching them with a diversity of cloths in a freely artistic way.

Boro-style tote bag. Upcycled denim, treated textiles, linen, cotton, ticking.  by Natalie Turner-Jones

by Natalie Turner-Jones

treasury : table mat ,coaster, pot holder, handsewn , with vintage japanese fabrics, kantha/sashiko

treasury : table mat coaster pot holder handsewn by lesamovar

Boro textiles | some held together by thousands of 'sashiko' stitches

Boro textiles | some held together by thousands of 'sashiko' stitches

いいね!80件、コメント3件 ― Mychiko Obaさん(@mychiko.method)のInstagramアカウント: 「BOROシリーズのコースターいろいろ。 #ぼろ #コースター #刺し子 #BORO #sashiko」

いいね!80件、コメント3件 ― Mychiko Obaさん(@mychiko.method)のInstagramアカウント: 「BOROシリーズのコースターいろいろ。 #ぼろ #コースター #刺し子 #BORO #sashiko」

Excellent Boro Patchwork Aizome (indigo dyed) Cotton. Sashiko Stiching. Baby Diaper with Shibori. Collectible. Reversible. 05291

Excellent Boro Patchwork Aizome indigo dyed by CamelliaJaponicaRIN

"Extreme Sashiko Indigo Boro Cloth" From: "Kimono Boy's Japanese Folk Textiles,   A Short History of Japanese Textiles.", where they "...focus attention on natural early homespun cotton and hemp indigo textiles of the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s. Often called Japanese folk art textiles, or arts and crafts textiles..." Very interesting, inspiring information. (http://www.kimonoboy.com/short_history.html)

"Extreme Sashiko Indigo Boro Cloth" From: "Kimono Boy's Japanese Folk Textiles.

Ever since I started embroidering I’ve had a growing love for textiles. Surface design, pattern, texture and embellishment have crept their way into my everyday work. Fabric is also everywhere! From t

Three Easy Ways to Mend Fabric, Inspired by Japanese Textiles (Design*Sponge)

A boro futon cover featuring chrysanthemums dyed with a stencil-resist technique called a Katazome.


Boro / small pouch/purse/wallet in midnight kasuri indigo, hand sewn / treasury


Birds of Ohio is a vintage print and pattern collection—an inspiration resource for designers.

Elizabeth's Quarters: Boro–scraps and rags.

Elizabeth's Quarters: Boro–scraps and rags.