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Matt Waples untitled (photographic painting using light and miscellaneous liquids) fuji 100 c 2014 in Colour

simple = 簡単な,容易な,分かりやすい,扱いやすい,使いやすい、簡潔[簡略]な,手の込んでいない,わざとらしくない,自然な,単純な,込み入っていない,装飾のない,華美[豪華]でない,質素な,地味な,つましい,淡白な,あっさり[さっぱり]した,気取らない,謙遜な,控えめな,もったいぶらない,単一の,純然たる,全くの,純粋な,混じり気のない,単なる偽りのない,誠実な,実直[率直]な,無条件の,絶対的な,普通の,ただの,一介の, (身分・位が)低い,下賤な,平民出身の,つまらない,取るに足りない,普通の,ありふれた,無学な,教育のない,無知な,経験[知識]不足の,ばかな,愚かな,考えの足りない,単純な,単層の,単音の,単一の,単花の...etc.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – POSTER – simple typeface uses shades of gray and black background. high contrast is what makes this poster work.

Editor’s Choice – Gradient Graphics

ingredients: gradients, text on staircase, text in corners, distorted type, geometric sans serif font



Identity Design by Josip Kelava, an art director, graphic designer, illustrator and photographer from Melbourne, Australia. "Manifesto is a blac


Best Graphic Design of 2014

Set of promotion posters made for festival of disaster films. Posters are showing examples of disasters like monster and nuclear explosion that are made from cinema attributes like coke and pop-corn. Also the name of the festival is written on packaging.

Sowas passt eventuell auf das "Sturmbild".

no pictures please poster design / Smarties Bar w. event 11 © photo by Martin Johansson. more connecting lines

I mostly pinned this one, bc it has one of my favorite words, "Wonky" :) but like the design too, it's wonky ;)

leManoosh : Photo I mostly pinned this one, bc it has one of my favorite words, "Wonky" :) but like the design too, it's wonky ;

'Ocean poster' by jdstyle on artflakes.com as poster or art print $19.41

Ocean Posters (art collection) by jD style - I love how abstract this is


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