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Western Dragons

Nikol Bolas, the dragon. One of the strongest Planeswalker and dragon in the MTG universe.

Stalwart Archangel Playmat

A fan re-design of Iona, shield of Emeria from MTG, for the up coming "Battle for Zendikar" Iona, Martyr of Emeria

New Magic the Gathering Art Is Sumptuous Eye Candy - gotta love the art of MTG, even if the game is not what it once was...

New Magic the Gathering Art Is Sumptuous Eye Candy

(Fantasy Art: Bruna Light of Alabaster by Winona Nelson) . a heart of a Warrior Angel :)

Why do the gods keep humanity on such a short leash? Because the gods fear our power. They keep their natures a closely guarded secret, such as their ascension to divinity, and how to cast them down. The conflict between deity and demon was kept secret for millennia, for the gods didn't wish to know this ultimate truth; that gods can die. And if they can die, they can be conquered.

knightofleo: “Jason Chan xenagos, god of revels spirit of the labyrinth beseech the queen thassa, god of the sea sunblast angel deicide ”