You would not know that HE is a SHE.. ♥

You would not know that HE is a SHE.. ♥

You can never miss these fancy cosplay fu, cosplay saint seiya and costume wigs for sale providing by miniwigs here. Check out our website and find good sword art online asuna yuuki braided long pale gold brown cosplay wig.

Ultimecia (Final Fantasy VIII) cosplay

Costume made entirely by me. I made this costume originally in but I remade the dress for Katsucon 2013 and got a new wig! Sorceress Ultimecia at Katsucon 2013

Final Fantasy X #cosplay

Final Fantasy X, Tidus and Wakka cosplay~~ Tidus + Edit Wakka by Photography All costumes and props made by their respective cosplayers. Final Fantasy X - Play Ball

Best Final Fantasy cosplay. EVER.

Yes, This Is The Best Final Fantasy VII Cosplay

Final Fantasy. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

Chocobo Riding (Final Fantasy) - Japan Expo Cosplay Didn't know whether to put this on my costume board or my geek board! My husband & I spent weeks doing the Chocobo racing and breeding to get the gold chocobo!


Imperdible: Super Heroes/Super Villanos Everywhere!

I love the Marvel zombies and this is pretty awesome. Maybe DC will do a zombies.<<as long as your not calling Superman a Marvel character I'm fine with this post

Summoner Yuna (Final Fantasy X) and Songstress Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2)

TOM went to Comic Market 2012 in Japan. We'll post more detail about Comic Market 2012 as a photo report later.

Amazing cosplay from Final Fantasy

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