young Leonardo Dicaprio This is when I first saw Leonardo....Instantly fell in love! <3

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Yes, Titanic is my Favorite movie. Yes, Leonardo is my favorite guy. My favorite actor. He has my whole heart!


Total Eclipse, Agnieszka Holland Leonrado DiCaprio as Artur Rimbaud Arthur Rimbaud: Let the 98 wounds of our savior burst and bleed.

Which Leonardo DiCaprio Character Are You? I'm Jack Dawson (Titanic) You’re loyal, cultured, and not afraid of taking risks. Your friends look up to you because you’re strong, funny, and a seriously talented artist.

Which Leonardo DiCaprio Character Are You?

Day Favorite director "I don't have one, but I guess I will say Leonardo De'Caprio, cause he has directed/produced some good movies soooo ya