as we start approaching winter and the farmers market bounty begins to dwindle, an herb drying rack is a great way to ensure you'll have your favorite herbs at the ready well through the season. whether you're an avid gardener or a market shopper, you can craft your own version of a dried herb mobile using my guide.

DIY: Dried Herb Mobile

Though this herb mobile would be a beautiful addition to any kitchen, it turns out that it's as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. As we start approaching winter and the farmers market bounty.

Like how the sticks support the arrangement.  Now how do I do this.  Oasis?  How long will the oasis hold the water?

Hana dome with hydrangea, coneflower pods and azalea foliage - KEITH STANLEY

Bridal Hoop by Stein Are Hansen of Norway

An oversize overarm bridal hoop of pink-purple phalaenopsis orchids by Stein Are Hansen of Norway

Cactus Art

Desert Art - Shoes & Chairs In Desert Theme (GALLERY)Desert Art - This Kansas city native prides herself on her unique masterpieces that are inspired by life in the desert. Desert Dada is the creative work of Caro.

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