PSC- Chansey and Wigglytuff by Lybra1022 on DeviantArt

Mostly oddball guys and Not-Fully Evolved Pokemon. PSC- Chansey and Wigglytuff

PSC- Clefairy and Clefable by Lybra1022 on DeviantArt

I recall Clefable's Dagger being rather problematic for me. I initially wanted to go with a rocketship-like motif which is still . PSC- Clefairy and Clefable

PSC- Ninetales by Lybra1022

Another set of equipment for the in-development game "Pokemon Spirit Chronicles" These are items yielded from the soul of a Ninetales.

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lucario's spirit weapon: dice and slice your rivals and other things with these claws! Super sharp, which makes it perfect for combat! Conditions: you need to make the weapon together in the mines with lucario.