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Jeremy Dufour フランス出身のモデル。

海外イケメンbot on

Wallpaper and background photos of Draco Malfoy for fans of Draco Malfoy images.


Short spiky hairstyles for women have been known to have a glamorous and sassy look in quite a simple way. Women often prefer these short spiky hairstyles.

佐脇 正徳                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る


【海外スナップ】かわいすぎる♡外国人風おしゃれなショートカット・ショートヘアアレンジ画像まとめ85枚 | まとめアットウィキ - スマートフォン

A neat bowl cut is a great choice for looking edgy but still sophisticated. I like the length on top and the short short bangs


Introducing The Modern Bowl Cut Hairstyle

We know the bowl cut as the goofy looking hairstyle from the but it’s surprisingly making a comeback in the men’s hairstyling world.

マンネリショートにあきたら、ウルフでちょっぴりスパイスを効かせよう♡ - Yahoo! BEAUTY

マンネリショートにあきたら、ウルフでちょっぴりスパイスを効かせよう♡ - Yahoo! BEAUTY



Josh Tuckley : 海外男性モデル図鑑 - NAVER まとめ

Josh Tuckley captured by Piczo and styled by Eiji Takahashi for the issue of SID magazine.

ピープルプレイザヘア (PEAPLE play the HAIR) フレンチパーマ

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三宅一生 - Google 検索

This is spot-on "me" :) Black masculine shoes, black tights, shorts, and a sweater for Fall and Winter; remove the tights for summer. Seeing this makes me feel like "No, I don't need to dress more imaginatively.

Official Bottega Veneta Early Fall & Fall/Winter - Post pics and Discuss - PurseForum