Despite my half drive to Atlanta, it's been a lovely day. Spent good quality time with Abbey, got some homeschool done, watched Drew bowl, caught up with my bowling mom friends, and while I have no doubt that they will annoy me before too long it hasn't been long enough for that. I saw that the sort of odd hugging teenager seems to be joining the team but he did not hug that's a plus. What more could I ask for out of a completely typical day?

(Via: どこからどう見ても魂が宿っているようにしか見えない野菜たちの写真17枚) #野菜 #果物... - - 株式会社ケイエフが運営するtumblrです。amazonにてネットショップ『kfighterドットコム』を運営中。乾燥砂やガーデニング関係、土木関係資材等の販売を行っています。

Strawberry Butterfly - great idea!!! Omg!!! Got to do this...since my business/ personal symbol is a pink butterfly!

Thinking ahead to summer…