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ヤマハOX99-11 - 3.5ℓV12エンジン(450ps/40.0kgm)のレッドゾーンは1万1000rpmから。運転席はセンターに置かれ、運転席の左後方にもうひとつシートを用意

ヤマハOX99-11 - 3.5ℓV12エンジン(450ps/40.0kgm)のレッドゾーンは1万1000rpmから。運転席はセンターに置かれ、運転席の左後方にもうひとつシートを用意

1959 Scootacar Mk I | Sumally

Microcars are both cheap and fuel-efficient. They were developed in the impoverished Europe of the postwar period and attracted the interest of people who couldn't afford “real” automobiles.

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1955 Bisiluro - designed by Carlo Mollino for the 1955 LeMans endurance race.

Holland Coachcraft bodies

Art Deco laundry van built in the by Holland Coachcraft of Govan, Scotland. I love the lines on this thing.


Citroën DS

Citroën DS Tissier - in the Pierre Tissier modified CITROEN cars into amazing service vehicles. German Garage Meilenwerk possesses this piece in their collection for the transport of their classic race vehicles.

'54 Mercury Monterey XM-800 Concept Car.

1954 Mercury XM 800 Concept, this looks like something out of a dream. Just leave the keys (and title) in my mailbox.

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Highway Aircraft Corporation "Fascination". This car was built in 1974, by Paul Lewis as a follow up to a car built in 1937.The original concept car was built using a propeller for propulsion, which explains the aircraft style body, the car was redesigned using a more conventional 4 cylinder Renault engine mounted outback under the now luggage storage area. Another improvement was to add a second wheel up front to aid stability.:

Highway Aircraft Corporation "Fascination", Build by Paul Lewis as a…

Francoise Hardy

Francoise Hardy

Audi Airomorph Concept Car Changes Shape Using Fabric Panels Inspired By Racing Catamarans

The Audi Airomorph concept car has been designed by Art Center College of Design student Eric Kim and uses fabric panels to adjust its aerodynamics